Haunted Shadows Lake Trail
Tickets may be purchased online or in person at the front counter of Blue Sky Sports Center/TOCA Soccer.  (Front counter is located right inside the front doors by the soccer center’s flag poles.)
Haunted Shadows Lake Trail - $30.00
Haunted Shadows has free parking. There is a large wooden entry by the gravel parking lot.  The path through this entry takes you to the start of Haunted Shadows Lake Trail.   And   Rest Rooms are located inside the Blue Sky/TOCA soccer center.
Haunted Shadows uses timed ticketing. All tickets are date specific and hour specific.  There are four, hour long ticketing blocks on Friday and Saturday nights:  7:30-8:30, 8:30-9:30, 9:30-10:30, and 10:30-11:30.  There are two, hour long ticketing blocks on Sunday nights and Halloween night:  7:30-8:30 and 8:30–9:30. 


7801 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056



Haunted Shadows Lake Trail


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